With the state-imposed limitation on events in New Jersey and around the country due to the COVID-19 virus, we have been forced to postpone and/or cancel all D2 events originally scheduled to be held prior to July 1st.  At this point in time, due to the ever-changing landscape of quarantine and limitations imposed by the state and federal government, we cannot in good faith make any announcements on when we will return to racing as normal. Events for dates after July 1st are currently being reviewed and we hope to have confirmed information shortly. We are working to put together as many dates as possible once we can get back to racing.

Please know that we want to get the series started but the safety of our racers, their families and the staff of the local facilities is our most important priority. 

Racing in New Jersey is under the direction of the State Police. Therefore we must wait for their direction, guidance, and approval to move forward with competition events. We have been working behind the scenes with state officials to get back to racing as soon as safely possible while abiding by the restrictions and regulations set forth under there jurisdiction. We will make announcements on our social media accounts as things are updated. 

Until then, stay safe and we’ll see you at the track. Hopefully soon.