D2MX Championship series schedule 


2020 Schedule

Round #



Round 1

March 22nd

Raceway Park

Round 2

March 29th

Field of Dreams

Round 3

April 5th

Raceway Park

Round 4

May 1-3

Wildwood Beach Race by Field of Dreams (No Points)

Round 5

May 10th

Raceway Park

Round 6

June 7th

Raceway Park – AMA Pro-Am

Round 7

June 14th

Field of Dreams – AMA Pro-Am

Round 8

July 12th

Raceway Park

Round 9

July 19th

Field of Dreams

Round 10

August 2nd

Pagoda M/C

Round 11

August 23rd

Raceway Park

Round 12

September 6th

Raceway Park

Round 13

September 20th

Field of Dreams

Round 14

October 2-4

Raceway Park – 44th annual Kawasaki Race of Champions

Round 15

October 25th

Walden MX

Round 16

November 1st

Raceway Park