D2 Rulebook


D2MX Supplemental Rules & 

Frequent AMA Rule Questions

Revised 1-3-2022 


 1. The attached supplemental rules are in addition to the current year version of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) Competition Rule Book


 2. All Race events are sanctioned by the American Motorcycle Association (AMA).  All racers must possess a valid AMA Membership Card.  


 3. D2MX is a Competition Partner with the AMA.  District 2 is geographically designated as New Jersey through the AMA.  D2MX is also know as the AMA District 2 Competition Partner and was formed in 2018 to support motocross in New Jersey and the surrounding area.  New Jersey has a deep field of racers and riders including some of the most recognized in the sport of motocross including names like Mickey Kessler, Barry Carsten, Jason Lawrence and Brandon Hartranft amongst many other very talented raceres. 


 4. Medical Coverage Statement - D2MX, promoters and race tracks hosting D2MX race events do not provide medical insurance.  If you do not have medical insurance we do not recommend racing in a motocross race event. 


 5. Race Sign Up - All racers registering for D2MX events must possess a valid AMA card upon signing up or checking in at a race event.  Racers competing for D2MX points for year end awards must have a valid D2MX card.  Tracks will accept other AMA Recognized District Organization and Competition Partner cards.  Other series cards must be approved prior to an event bases on a mutual agreement with the series promoter or a day pass or D2MX card may need to be purchased.  District cards are not required at area qualifiers or regional events for the Amateur National Championship at Loretta Lynns.


 6. Sign Up Prior To Entering Race Track - Under no circumstance shall a rider enter the race course for practice or competition without signing all required release forms.  This includes all racers including minors and parents signing all release forms for minor racers (under 18) 


 7. Identification - Racers are required to provide proof of identification.  Racers under the age of 18 must have a parent present at sign up and ID must be verified.  Minors with a  Guardians must have a Parent Guardian release form completed and notarized in order to compete in the race event.  


 8. Race Fees - Race fees may be different from track to track.  It is beyond the control of D2MX what each facility may need to maintain profitability to continue to operate.  Every track does the best job possible to provide the best race program.  Based on race and entry fees and track conditions based on weather or unforeseen circumstances.  


 9. Electronic scoring - My Laps transponders are used for electronic scoring at a number of race facilities.  All My Laps transponders are provided by the individual facility or a third party.  Transponders can be rented on race day with a deposit as collateral that will be provided at the time of returning the transponder on race day.  If you forget to return your transponder you must return the transponder as quickly as possible.  Check with the race track management in order to determine where the transponder will need to be returned to.  D2MX works and shares transponders with other facilities during the year.  If you own your transponder, provide your transponder number while you pre-register or when you sign up on race day.  


10. A Youth racers age as of January 1st will determine their age for the current race year.  Youth racers must be at least 4 years of age and can only race if their birth date is on or prior to the date of the event after January 1st.  The maximum age for a Youth Racers 17 years of age.  If a racer moves up to the next age group or classification they are not eligible to return to the lower age or level classification.  


11. Parent(s) or guardian must be able to provide proof of age of a youth racer if requested.  The minimum age for amateur racers is 12 years of age.  A rider must be 14 or older to race a 201-250cc motorcycle.  Riders must be 16 years of age or older to race a 251cc or above motorcycle.   


12. Racers in the 51cc and Mini E Classes are limited to 3 classes on race day 


13. Supplemental Classes - The following classes are available for racer entry on race days that are not listed per the AMA rules or slightly modified from the AMA Classes.  These classes have worked the best and support most other race series classes in the geographical area. 




Exceptions, Class Eligibility/Requirements

Jr Mini 65/85


85cc Wheel Size 14" Rear and 17" Front Wheel Only

65/85 Beginner


See Supplemental Rule 14



Maximum Rear Wheel 16" Front Wheel 19"

125/Open Two-Stroke


Open to A, B and C Classified Racers 

250A/B All Star


Must be 14 to race a 250 4-Stroke See Supplemental Rule 17

55+ Sportsman


B and C racers only, all racers never obtained A classification See Supplemental Rule 16





14. Beginner Class - Beginner Class is for first year entry level racers only.  Racers deemed to be to experienced for the beginner level class by track officials, D2MX representatives or the referee will be ineligible to race this class in future events.  Racers may complete the event they started if they have been advanced out of the beginner class during a race event.  Racers that have competed in the previous year in the youth beginner class are no longer considered a beginner and are not eligible for this class.  Exceptions may be made based on a riders skill level and will need to be 

approved by D2MX officials, referee and track promoter.


15. Vet racers age (25+ and older) as of January 1st will determine their age for the race year.  RACERS ARE ALLOWED TO MOVE UP TO THE NEXT AGE LEVEL ONLY IF THEIR BIRTH DATE FOR THE NEXT AGE LEVEL IS ON OR PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE EVENT.  


16. 55+ Sportsman Class - B and C racers are only eligible for this class.  Racers must have NEVER obtained an A/expert level classification or and A/expert level racer that has not raced in a motocross event in the last 30 years.  Any racer that previously obtained an A level classification may be evaluated by a D2MX and or the local track referee for his or her skill level for the class.  If it is determined the racer is to advanced for the class, the racer may finish the event they started and advance out of the class at the next event.


17. 250 A/B All Star Class - This class is Supplemental Class to the AMA rules combining “A” and “B” riders.  “A” riders compete for cash awards, B riders shall not receive cash awards.  Contingency and gift cards are not considered cash. 


18. Minimum Protection - Racers must have the following as a minimum for protection to practice and race:


  • Helmet With A Minimum Certification/Rating of SNELL M2010 or DOT FMVSS218
  • Long Sleeve Shirt or Race Jersey
  • Long Pants/Off Road Motorcycle Riding Pants
  • Boots Designed For Off Road Riding At Least 8" High 
  • Goggles 
  • Gloves


19. Recommended Protection - Motocross is a dangerous sport, the possibility of an injury is always possible no matter how much protection is available and used by the racer.  The following is recommended for protection.


  • Tear Offs For Goggles 
  • Chest Protector
  • Neck Brace
  • Knee Braces 


20. Mud Race Bonus Points (MRBP) - Extra series points shall be provided to racers that sign up and or start his or her race class(es) at a race event based on the requirements listed below.  The official determination of the event to qualify for a mud race shall be determined by the Referee and the Track or Event Promoter.  Racers based on the requirements below will qualify for 5 MRBP towards the District 2 Motocross Championship Series.  Additional requirements and the determination of a race to be classified as a MRBP event shall be determined based on the following rules and or conditions:


Requirements and Rules for a Race to 

Qualify as a MRBP Event:


a. The referee and track promoter or management shall determine and make the offical call for an event to be determined a MRBP event.  The referee and track promoter or track management regardless of any delay, significant rain or weather event at shall make a determination for an event to classify as a MRBP at anytime during the event based on track conditions.


b. Significant rain prior to and or during opening of the gates on race day, that creates a need to alter or modify the race track and or delay the start of the event.


c. Significant Rain starting prior to the start of practice that creates a need to alter or modify the race track and or delay in the start of the event.  


d. If the event cancels prior to the start of practice due to heavy rain, all racers that have signed up prior to 8:30am for the event and that are present at the race track shall receive 5 bonus points


e. In the event the race event has started and cancels prior to the completion of all first motos due to poor or dangerous weather conditions, all racers entered and present shall receive 5 bonus points


f. If a race has started riders must start the race and attempt to complete at least one lap in his or her class(es) to be eligible for 5 MRBP. 


g. If the race event becomes a one moto format due to poor conditions due to significant rain or dangerous weather conditions all racers that were entered into the event and present shall receive 5 MRBP.